List of Holiday for the year 2018

Date Day Holidays
1/1/2018 Monday New Year Day
1/2/2018 Tuesday Re-opens after Christmas
1/12/2018 Friday Vivekananda’s Birth Day
1/22/2018 Monday Saraswati Puja
1/23/2018 Tuesday Saraswati Immersion
1/23/2018 Tuesday Netaji’s Birth Day
1/24/2018 Wednesday C.U. Foundation Day
1/25/2018 Thursday Madhusudan Dutta’s Birth Day
1/26/2018 Friday Republic Day
2/14/2018 Wednesday Shiva Ratri
3/2/2018 Friday Dol Yatra
3/3/2018 Saturday Holi
3/30/2018 Friday Good Friday
3/31/2018 Saturday Easter Saturday
4/14/2018 Saturday Ambedkar’s Birth Day
4/14/2018 Saturday Chaitra Sankranti
4/15/2018 Sunday Bengali New Year Day
4/30/2018 Monday Buddha Purnima
5/1/2018 Tuesday May Day
5/9/2018 Wednesday Tagore’s Birth Day
5/15/2018 Tuesday Summer Recess Start
6/16/2018 Saturday Id-Ul-Fitre
7/1/2018 Sunday New Session Start After Summer Recess
7/14/2018 Saturday Rath Yatra
7/15/2018 Sunday College Foundation Day (Not a holiday)
7/21/2018 Saturday Punor Yatra
8/15/2018 Wednesday Independence Day
8/17/2018 Friday Carey Day (Not a holiday)
8/22/2018 Wednesday Id-Uz-Zoha
9/3/2018 Monday Janmastami
9/17/2018 Monday Viswakarma Puja
9/21/2018 Friday Muharram
10/2/2018 Tuesday Gandhiji’s Birth Day
10/8/2018 Monday Mahalaya
10/13/2018 Saturday Puja Vacation Start (after work)
11/12/2018 Monday College Reopens after Puja Vacation
11/13/2018 Tuesday Chhat Puja
11/17/2018 Saturday Jagadhatri Puja
11/18/2018 Sunday Jagadhatri Puja Immersion
11/23/2018 Friday Guru Nanak Janma Tithi
12/19/2018 Wednesday Fateha-Doaz-Daham
12/21/2018 Friday Christmas Vacation Start (after work)

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  1. The College authority reserves the right to make any change / addition / deletion, if necessary, in this calendar.
  2. No separate notice will be issued notifying the holidays mentioned in this calendar except for Muslim festivals