The last Annual General Meeting was held on the 1st November 2015 at Biology lecture theatre of our College. Meeting started at 3.00 p.m. with Sri Lokenath Mukherjee in the Chair.

Apart from the statutary agenda, election of the executive committee of the Association along with the office-bearers was elected unanimously in the meeting.The newly elected  executive committee will hold the office for the next two years.



Dr. Vansanglura, Principal, Serampore College Patron
Sri Debnath Mukhopadhyay President
Sri  Sujit Mukherjee Vice-President
Sri  Kumar Krishna Basu Vice-President
Sm. Jhum Mukherjee Vice-President
Sri Anway Chatterjee Secretary
Prof Dr. Bhaskar Chaudhuri-do- Asstt. Secretary
Sm. Rumi Lahiri Asstt. Secretary
Sri Arup Manna Asstt. Secretary
Sri Ujjal Kumar Roy Asstt. Secretary
Sri Prithwis Ganguly Treasurer
Sri Tanmoy Bhattacharya Member
Smt. Dr. Anushree Saha Member
Sri Pranab Paul Member
Sri Jyotirmoy Chakraborty Member
Sri Surya Shankar Mukherjee Member
Sri Probir Roy Member
Smt Indrani Goswami Member
Sri Tapan Chakraborty Member
Sri Tapan Kundu Member
Sri Partha Sarathi Paul Member
Sri Saudip Bhattacharya Member
Smt Tanima Chakraborty Member
Sri Sudip Chakraborty Member
Smt Soma Mukherjee Member
Sri Manoj Agarwal Auditor

According to our newly adopted Constitution, following five members were duly co-opted in the Executive Committee:

Sri Gopi Mohan Chatterjee
Sri Surya Sankar Mukherjee
Sri Tapan Chakraborty
Sri Jyotirmoy Chakraborty
Sri Arup Manna

Just after the first executive committee meeting a sad incident occurred.Moumita Maitra died in an accident on the 18th of November 2015, which was a big blow to our morale.We paid homage to her memory in our next committee meeting.



  • Association new constitution (Memorandum of Association Rules) was adopted by the Executive Committee in its meeting dated 6th September 2014.
  • Our Association was later registered under the Societies Act 1961 and the Registration No. is S/2LI No.30746 of 2014-15 on the 14th of January 2015.
  • Next Reunion of the Ex-students of Serampore College will be held on the third Sunday of February 2016 i.e. 21.02.2016 at 10. A.M.
  • Membership subscription for the year 2015-16 has been fixed at Rs.50.00 and reunion fee has been fixed at Rs.200.00 for 2016.
  • We are accepting Life Membership of our Association from this year.One time subscription is Rs.1000.00 for the whole life.Life Members are exempted from paying their reunion fee for this year only.
  • College authority has kindly allotted one room temporarily for Serampore College Alumni Association by their letter dated 10.12.2014.This was our longstanding demand which has been fulfilled at last.
  • We call upon all the Ex-students of Serampore College to be a member of our Association, participate in the next Reunion to be held on 21st  February 2016. Spot membership on the day of Reunion will be cordially accepted.Guests of our members are also cordially invited to join and participate in the Reunion.
  • Pay your subscription, reunion fee, donate generously and collect advertisements to make the Reunion successful.

Please also contribute your write-ups in NOSTALGIA to be published on the day of the Reunion.


  • Prizes are awarded to outstanding students of the college in different spheres of activities,viz.,University Examination Results, Games and Sports, Cultural etc.
  • Felicitations are accorded to eminent Alumni, Educationist and Social Workers.
  • Support to poor and meritorious students from the Endowment Fund.
  • Support to the college: The Executive Committee of Serampore College Alumni Association keeps live link with the College Administration in its day to day functioning. The members are invited by the college in its different functions/ celebrations etc. and the Association offers valuable suggestions and help the college administration to the extent possible.
  • Holding Re-union and Autumn Festival every year.
  • Publication of Souvenir Nostalgia every year.


Email id : /
Anway Chatterjee [Secretary] -Mobile No.- 9830027082; Debnath Mukherjee [President] Mobile No.- 9830029517.

Department of Commerce- ALUMNI

Department of Commerce, Serampore College, is proud to have produced many a brilliant graduate who have marked their excellence across multiple sectors. The department cherishes its glorious past and wishes to revive its link with those who once spent the three valuable years of their lives with the department. This is a platform which will bridge between the past and the future, the present being the catalyst. All the alumni of the department are welcome to join this journey through reminiscence down the memory lane.

3rd Re-Union of Commerce Department on 24.01.2016.

Ex-students of Commerce Department are requested to join.
For further details contact at: 9830226833

You may visit the Facebook page of the Alumni:

About 1st Re-Union of Commerce Department

The Department of Commerce hosted the 1st Reunion of its Alumni Association on 13 January, 2013 with pomp and grandeur. The reunion started at 2pm with the welcome address by the Principal, Dr. Laltluangliana Khiangte followed by reminiscences by the Ex-teachers of the department. The most interesting part of the reunion was the reminiscences by the ex-students. The students who had treasured in their hearts the sweet memories of the days they spent in this department, shared them with all those present with lot of enthusiasm and excitement. The Alumni Association felicitated the three toppers of the Department in B.Com Hons. The alumni promised to make it a much much bigger event in the next year under the leadership of Mr. S N Basak, the Chief Patron and Mr Pradip Chatterjee, the President of the Association. Other office bearers were also elected at the meeting. The reunion ended at about 6 pm followed by coffee and refreshment.