College Discipline

Attention is drawn to the following Rules of Discipline of the College which must be observed by all students.

a) Students must not loiter or sit near the Entrance of the College Hall or class rooms when they have no classes. At such time they should go either to the Library or the Common Room. Silence is to be observed within the College during class hours.
b) Students are forbidden to smoke or to indulge in any unseemly activities within the College Compound.
c) Students who are absent from their classes for more than seven days in a month must submit letters from their guardians supported by relevant documents as soon as they rejoin their classes.
d) Students Reported Against during College Examination / Test will not be sent up for University Examination.
e) Plucking of flowers within the College Compound is strictly forbidden.
f) Cycling in the College Campus is not permitted.
g) Violation of rules, particularly those mentioned above, will make a student liable to disciplinary action which in the case of serious or repeated offences may include expulsion from the College.
h) Students are requested to co-operate with the College Authorities in keeping the College and its compound clean and in seeing that lights and fans are switched off when not needed.
i) Mobile Phones must be switched off in the classroom and strictly prohibited in the examination hall.
j) Use of identity card is mandatory in the college campus during college hours.


The college has a Anti-ragging cell for prevention of ragging in the college campus. Any attempt of ragging will be seriously dealt with leading to expulsion from the college. According to Supreme Court Verdict dated May 08, 2009, every student has to give an undertaking in the prescribed format duly countersigned by his/her guardian, declaring that he/she will stay away from any activity that may be considered as ragging. This undertaking has to be signed at the time of admission.


Christian prayer is held daily in the College Chapel from 12-15 to 12-29 P.M. All Students of the College are invited to these prayers. Other forms of organised worship are not permitted in Serampore College premises.


All teaching and non-teaching staff of the College are honorary members and advisers of the students’ Union. All Regular students are members of the Union.
The Union organises debates, symposia, lectures, seminars, discussions, recreations and holds musical, dramatical and other cultural performances. Magazines, booklets and wall-magazines, are also published by the Union. Science festivals are arranged at an interval of four years.
The Union cooperates in the organisation and management of the Text Book Library and also organises member to defend their rights and interests as a whole.
Constitution and Rules of Procedures of the Union will be notified during the time of election.


Students may participate in the following games :
Athletics, Football, Cricket, Table-Tennis and Volleyball.

College and University Examinations

  • All types of College and University Examinations must be taken seriously by the students concerned.
  • Leave of absence will be granted only for valid reasons on application made in writing before the examination. Absence without valid reasons will be treated with necessary disciplinary action.
  • In the case of absence through illness a medical certificate by a Registered Medical Practitioner is also required.
  • Satisfactory result in College Examinations, regular attendance in classes are necessary for recommendation for University Examination.
  • University Admit Cards, Registration-Receipts, Marks-sheets. Diplomas etc. must be obtained within three months from the issuing dates announced by the College, failing which the College will not take any responsibility tor the documents.

Railway Concession

Every Student who is entitled to enjoy a monthly railway concession must fill in his/her own Concession Form giving his/ her actual age and the class in which he/she is reading as well as his/her Roll Number. The form is to be collected and filled in neatly and submitted at the time notified. No concession is normally issued by the College during vacation. Application Form for Railway Concession for traveling between the institution and Home should be countersigned by the parent or guardian The signature of the parent/guardian will be verified from the student record. Concession will be issued according to Railway Rules.

Attendance in Classes

According to the University regulations, at last 75% of the lectures delivered must be attended by students. Failure to do so will disqualify a student from appearing at the University Examination as a Collegiate student. Attendance below 60% will discollegiate a student and he/she cannot be sent up for any Examination. Attendance in Classes will be taken into consideration for promotion to next higher class. Students who will fail to attend the requisite number of lectures in any subject in any class (Degree Course General and Honours Part I & II) will not be sent up for University Examination.

For Honours Students: The college will take disciplinary action against students who will fail to attend classes consecutively for ten days without satisfactory reason(s).

N. B. All Enquiries regarding the Arts-Science-Commerce section should be addressed to the Vice-Principal, Arts-Science-Commerce Department, Serampore College. Serampore-712201. Hooghly West Bengal. [Phone No. (033) 2662-2322, ].