Department of Geography

About the Department

Demand of Geography as a subject has been overwhelming day by day. And, for a long time, it was the demand of the students to open Geography Department in Serampore College. In 2008, college has opened this department. It is moving forward with enormous zeal and enthusiasm, stretching its arm towards perfection.

The undergraduate course of Geography caters to imparting both theoretical and practical knowledge. The students get trained in different modern geographical techniques from GIS to cartography to statistics and more. In 2017, with the introduction of Honours course in the Geography department of Serampore College, the Department aspires to enrich her students with wide knowledge of the subject and at the same time train and guide the fresh batch of students to become noble citizens and good geographers. At present the intake capacity of the Department in Honours course would be 15.

Courses Offered

  • University of Calcutta recommended three years B.A/ B.Sc. General Course
  • Honours Course has been introduced from the Session 2017-2018 .

Message of the Subject Teacher.

Chandrani RoyAt present the department has only general course with a well equipped laboratory. But we wish to open Honors course soon to help more students with the facility of learning Geography, a subject that reveals all the wonderful changes and activities that have been going on in the world since the beginning of time.

Teaching Staff

  1. Ms. Chandrani Roy,M.Sc. 
  2. Dr. Mridul  Das, M.A., Ph.D. (SACT)
  3. Dr. Joy Karmakar, M.Sc. (Geography), M.Phil (Development Studies), Ph.D., B.Ed.(SACT)

Support Staff

  1. Mr. Krishnachandra Sarkar Laboratory Attendant (Casual)
  2. Ms. Arpita Kundu Laboratory Attendant (Casual)

Seminar Library

At present the Department has no Seminar Library.


  • The department carries out annual excursion as a part of Part II syllabus. This year (2010) the 2nd year students were taken to Mukutmanipur to conduct their educational excursion. Besides, the students are also encouraged to take part in other activities like science festival, social workshops etc.

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