Internal Quality Assurance Cell

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell, constituted according to the UGC guidelines bears the responsibility of quality assurance for every aspect of the college. It holds meetings regularly and addresses every issue as and when required. The recommendations are considered by the College Governing Body and most of the time it has a positive outcome. The IQAC considers the following matters towards quality enhancement:

  1. Introduction of new Courses including Postgraduate and Add-on Courses.
  2. Introduction of new subjects.
  3. Improvement and computerization of Library.
  4. Strengthening of Seminar Libraries.
  5. Upgradation of Computerization system of Departments, Library, General and Finance Offices.
  6. Improvement in students’ amenities.
  7. Organizing seminars at different levels.
  8. Extension of Classrooms and Laboratories.
  9. Improvement of ICT based Teaching-learning process.

The best practices of our institution are published in the Annual Report of the IQAC submitted each year to the NAAC. These can be viewed in the college website.

The IQAC monitors the well-being of the college in every sphere. The Cell pays attention to the possible improvements suggested by the NAAC Peer Team. The suggestions of the IQAC are given serious attention and efforts are put forth to implement them.


Chairperson : Dr. Vansanglura, Principal

Coordinator : Dr. Bithin Kumar Maji, Department of Physiology

Senior Administrative Officers:

  1. Vice-Principal (ASC)
  2. Secretary (ASC)
  3. Bursar (ASC)

Teaching Members:

  1. Prof. Ranjan Das, Department of Mathematics
  2. Dr. Sandip Mukherjee, Department of Physiology
  3. Dr. Sribas Goswami, Department of Sociology
  4. Dr. Sudipta Chatterjee, Department of Chemistry
  5. Dr. Jayatri Chakraborty, Department of Education
  6. Prof. Pradip Panda, Department of Statistics
  7. Dr. Pubali Chakraborty, Department of Sanskrit
  8. Dr. Mohitosh Das, Librarian

Member from the Management

Rev. Tapas Mondal, Member, Council of Serampore College

Nominees from Local Society, Students and Alumni

  1. Giridhari Saha, Chairman, Serampore Municipality
  2. Tiyesh Paul, Ph.D Scholar and Alumnus

Nominees from Employers/ Industrialists/ Stakeholders:

  1. Rekha Dey, Chapter Head- East, Retailers Asscociation of India
  2. Ashim Chakraboirty, General Manager, Durgapur Steel Plant

⇒ Annual Quality Assurance Report

Fundamental Steps for Quality Assurance

  1. IQAC Guidelines
  2. Steps of Actions
  3. Student Charter

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