Department of Sociology

About the Department

The mission of the department of sociology is to promote intellectual development of its students and faculty in a vibrant academic environment where classical and modern sociological theory is harmonized with methodological and theoretical knowledge derived from cognate disciplines and contribute to the development of knowledge and skill of undergraduate students. The department was established in 2007 and at present teaches only the general course to undergraduate students.

Courses Offered

  • University of Calcutta recommended three years B.A. General Course
  • Applied Sociology as career oriented course sponsored by U.G.C.

Message of the Subject Teacher

Sribas GoswamiModern Sociology emerged in the late 19th century in response to the evolution and complexity of social life and the need to understand the social and cultural problems created by the many socio-economic changes. However, sociology, it should be noted, should not be understood as the study of social problems in the pathological sense. In fact, its area of interest extend to the study of viable and sound social institutions, phenomena, situations and functions, with aim of understanding their characteristics, features, factors, variables and components in order to enhance and improve their performance. There also major area in contemporary sociology which studies the various possible future scenarios resulting from the social consequences of economic and / or political policies and actions. I believe that the sociological imagination is an essential prerequisite for studying and understanding society and culture.


Teaching Staff

  1. Dr. Sribas Goswami , See More …

Seminar Library

The department doesnot have separate library facility. Student access books and journals from central library. However, students of Applied Sociology can access books and journals from the special library.


  • The department conducts field work for its 3rd year students. Learning from sociology classes is not just a matter of attending lectures and taking tests. Sociology subject provides a wide range of experiences, including some which feature independent study, learning via community service, and learning by teaching. The department often encourage course-related events that allow students to get to know one another better or learn more about the real world.
  • The Department does not restrict itself to sociology in the conventional sense as we believe that the social anthropological and psychological perspectives are critical for a broader and deeper understanding of social and cultural phenomena. This perspective has been further broadened with the introduction of the Applied Sociology course in 2010. This is the rationale for the wide range of course units offered by the Department at both undergraduate and certificate levels.

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