Serampore College NCC Unit


Mr. Partha Talukdar [Department of Botany]


NCC Unit of Serampore College was reactivated under the supervision of Prof. Partha Talukdar, Assistant Professor Of the Dept. of Botany on 15th November, 2006. Of the three Defence Wings Army, Navy and Air Force, Army wing was opened on 15th November, 2006 as Serampore College NCC Unit, having its Group HQ at Eastern Command, Fort William and Head Quarters at New Delhi, under Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India. Serampore College NCC Unit belongs to No. 2 (Bengal) Battalion, NCC, Fort William and has a total Strength of 108 Cadets (70 SD and 38 SW).

Motto of NCC: Unity and Discipline.

Minimum qualification for joining NCC: HS with 17 years of age.

Duration of the course: Minimum 2 years.

Certificates given after completion of course:  certificates.

JUO Deboleena Das , winner of Dr. D.N. Chakraborty Medal, 2009, adjudged the best all round Cadet in the Second Bengal Battalion, Senior Division of National Cadet Corps.

Social services done by NCC:

  1. Blood donation
  2. Traffic control during Puja.
  3. Disaster management
  4. Tree plantation.
  5. Literacy Programme.
  6. Awareness Programme etc.

Important Camps of NCC:

  1. NIC (National Integration Camp)
  2. CATC (Combined Annual Training Camp)
  3. RDC (Republic Day Camp)
  4. PRDC (Pre-Republic Day Camp)
  5. AATC (Army Attachment Training Camp)
  6. Adventure Camps
  7. Water Rafting Camp
  8. Treckking
  9. LRDC (Local Republic Day Camp)
  10. IDC (Independence Day Camp) etc.

Important Activities of NCC:

  1. Parasailing
  2. Paratrooping
  3. Horse Riding
  4. Cultural Programmes
  5. Visit to any part of India (all free of cost)
  6. Visit abroad (as per vacancy)  free of cost
  7. Adventure activities
  8. Mountaineering
  9. Gliding
  10. Water Rafting etc.

Some important topics of Training Syllabus (Include both theory and practical):

  1. Military terms and History of NCC.
  2. Ranks of Defence Force
  3. Camoflange
  4. War tactics
  5. Weapons
  6. Parade and Drill
  7. First Aid
  8. Firing weapons( 0.22 mm rifle , SLR, LMG)
  9. Self Defence
  10. Adventure activities
  11. Signals used during war etc.

Ranks given to those cadets who are senior and sincere:

Cpl – Corporel, Lcpl  Lance Corporel, Sgt  Sergeant, JUO  Junior Under Officer,
SUO  Senior Under Officer (Highest Rank Given to NCC cadet).

Achievement of Serampore College NCC Unit:

  • Every year cadets get a chance to attend important camps like PRDC, RDC, NIC.
  • Ranks are given to 16 cadets each year on the basis of their performance.
  • College students have participated in treckking, Mountaineering, water rafting, sailing activities.
  • Two cadets have participated in Republic Day Camp — New Delhi, held on 26th January, 2007.
  • Two cadets  one SD and one SW were nominated as best cadets for Governors Medal in 2008.

Achievements by NCC-in-charge of the College:

Prof. Partha Talukdar, Assistant Professor of the Dept. of Botany, Serampore College took charge of NCC as C. T. O. and reopened the NCC Unit in the College on 15th November, 2006. In 2008 he was selected amongst 96 other candidates from all over Bengal in an interview and selection board held by Dept. of Education, Govt. of West Bengal and Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India. Out of the 96 candidates, Prof. Talukdar was the only who was selected for undergoing procommission training to become an Officer.

Prof. Talukdar went for training at Officers Training Academy, Kamptec (Nagpur) from 13th July to 10th October 2009. There were 84 officer trainer in total from all over India. Prof. Talukdar was the only one to represent West Bengal. He successfully completed the course and became a commissioned officer of Army of the rank Lieutenant. He got Gold in Shooting, Silver in Academics and Bronze in Map Reading.

Advantages of NCC training:

Those cadets who achieve  and  certificates after two years of training, are given the following preferences:

  1. They are given preferences to join Indian Army, Navy or Air Force.
  2. 10 marks are allotted in SSC and NDA Examinations.
  3. They are exempted from written tests conducted by SSC and SSB.
  4. They are given preferences in Rail, Bank, Police, CRPF, BSF, Security Guard etc.
  5. 05 marks are allotted for them in School Service Commission, B. Ed. Exams.
  6. NCC cadets are allowed to enter Fort William.
  7. NCC cadets can avail canteen facilities (CSD).
  8. They can travel anywhere in India and abroad during camps, all free of costs.
  9. They are given preferences in Govt. Jobs.
  10. An NCC cadet knows how to protect himself/ herself and is physically very fit than others.