The vision of Serampore College, a Christian minority college on the verge of completing 200 years, is to emerge as one of the leading academic institutions not only in the region but also in the country where knowledge and skill complement each other and competence leads to confidence among the principal beneficiaries i.e. the students. We constantly strive for all round excellence so that this age-old heritage institution contributes more effectively towards intellectual pursuits, finds solutions to relevant social issues and develops means and ways that would cut across related disciplines in order to cope with hard-core realities of individual as well as our national life.

The mission of William Carey, one of the founders of our college, was to enlighten the minds of men in a holistically humanizing way, the legacy of which we are still trying to maintain as his torch-bearers. Accordingly, a mission, clear and big enough to fulfil the common vision of the college, has been set in such a way that short-sightedness never mists the prospect of reaching the destination. Our mission sets us to improve both intellectual and professional knowledge and tells us not to run after small gains. Being a strong believer of Christian ideology, we believe in attempting as well as expecting great things from God. That way, service to humanity and our nation has been adopted as the reason for existence of this sacred institution of learning. Our mission statement has four distinct components viz.

  • Providing quality teaching which is our central responsibility
  • To interact meaningfully and effectively with all aspects of social life where knowledge, analytical mindset and creativity are called for
  • To develop close links with different agencies as far as practicable which are interested in applying knowledge of humanities, science, technology in respective and relevant areas to upgrade the standard of living of all concerned.
  • To add a humanitarian dimension to the process of learning in order to shape a sensitive mind which can adopt an all-embracing value system and impart a strong sense of holisticity to this same process of learning in all future endeavours.

We have always believed in the philosophy that quality sustenance and improvement, along with expansion and upgradation of all activities, is a continuous and endless process, which is aptly reflected in our ceaseless pursuit for all-round excellence. Like any other organization, Serampore College has made commitment to common goals and shared values. Our management’s first job is to think through, set and exemplify objectives, values and goals of our college.These are transparent, made known to the stakeholders and constantly reaffirmed.

In this institution, we have categorized our goals into the following: 

Long Term

  • Professionalisation of activities: One of our basic goals is to provide maximum benefit to all its stakeholders with proper and effective utilization of human resource. This is only possible with a thorough professional approach towards any and every activity under the aegis of the college that includes proper planning, and effective implementation by involving all stakeholders and adopting state-of-the-art technology and sincere pursuit towards an achievable common goal.
  • Quality in both academic and organizational sectors: The college has made a conscious and sincere effort to adopt quality in both academic and organizational sectors and maintain that standard in days to come.
  • To enlighten economically weaker and educationally backward people: In setting our goal, a major thrust was given to bring the economically weaker and educationally backward people of the locality into the ambience of higher education. The college intends to extend all possible efforts to safeguard the educational and economic interests of the weaker sections of the society of this locality. This will protect them from social injustice and all forms of psycho-social exploitation.
  • Women’s education & empowerment: Along with this, a special emphasis was laid on women’s education because it has been realized that educated women, being a key factor in the transformation of character and inculcation of value system in the mobilization of vital human resources, are critical input for national development.
  • Science education: Science education in different disciplines had also been aptly taken into consideration in this college. While dealing with the central community around which all activity is supposed to revolve, the students, we have also set a goal of providing diverse and maximum possible avenues for their exploration.
  • Development of newer perspectives: Lastly, development of newer perspectives to contribute more effectively towards intellectual pursuits and to find solutions to relevant social issues become an mandatory responsibility of this college.

Short Term:

  • Good results in university and competitive examinations at this level.
  • Excellence in all sorts of extra- and co-curricular activities
  • Equal emphasis on the development of a good mind and a healthy body through improvement of facilities and imparting a strong sense of physical culture.

OBJECTIVE (Primary and Secondary):

The college has very simple clear and unifying objectives. These, once again, are divided into the following classes:


  • Engagement of maximum number of deserving students under the purview of higher education after completing education at 10+2 level is our policy. Different programme options in all three traditionally recognized streams of higher education ( Humanities, Commerce and Science) are made available to the students to cater the needs of students of different academic and socio-economic backgrounds and to enable them to choose subject(s) of their preference accordingly. We have opened Hons. and General courses in a large number of conventional subjects. Over the years, we have gradually ventured into subjects of more modern relevance like Communicative English and Journalism and Mass Communication. Some more subjects like Anthropology, Hindi, Environmental Science, Education etc. are also in the pipeline in terms of consideration for introducing in this college in the form of Hons. and/or General course.
  • To impart a sense of strong physical culture through maintenance of playgrounds and courts, gymnasium and necessary sports equipment.
  • To promote creativity lurking in students by providing them the opportunity to express themselves through departmental wall magazines, annual college magazine, annual cultural competitions in the college and local events and competitions etc. The NSS units of the college provide them an additional forum to become united with the rich cultural heritage of the locality as well as that of our country as a whole.
  • To impart a strong sense of discipline, fellow feeling and involvement in community and rural development and to channelize the energy of enthusiastic young students to constructive purposes like extension and community services in the surrounding localities through the NCC and NSS units.
  • To provide a platform for rich intellectual interactions and avenues towards overall academic development of teachers, non-teaching staff and students alike through maintenance of elaborate teaching-learning resources, organizing seminars, workshops and invited lectures and encouraging teachers to participate in national and international academic events etc.
  • To make arrangement for the students, faculty members and other staff to work in a more open, transparent and congenial environment so that a prosperous academic and social life basks in the campus.
  • The college is trying its level best to inculcate a strong environmental orientation by means of adapting a number of environment-friendly measures and involving all stake-holders, particularly students in the sacred responsibility of environmental protection. The college has adopted a comprehensive Green Policy which makes the whole college committed to environmental causes.


  • Distribution of responsibilities through the formation of different sub-committees with clearly set objectives for each of them. The size, tenure, authority, responsibility and pattern of functioning are preset to fulfill this objective in a well-planned way. The functioning of the sub-committees ensure that duplication of efforts is eliminated, frictions minimized and co-operation is maximized. Strategies evolve as a result of functioning of these committees for continuous monitoring of the progress and impact of set plans.
  • To treat each individual student as an end in himself or herself and to provide him or her the widest possible opportunities to develop his/her skills, abilities and harvest his/her full potentiality.
  • To look after the general state of discipline of the college, causes of possible or actual disturbances and to suggest remedial measures.
  • To deal with the grievances of the teachers and students and the administrative staff and to suggest measures for strengthening the corporate life in the institution by properly addressing these.
  • To suggest measures of reform necessary for the efficient functioning of college and for promoting an academic atmosphere conducive to scholarship on the campus. It is our sacred responsibility to review all the policies comprehensively and objectively to make such changes as deemed necessary and justified.
  • To publish factual information about this institution of higher education regarding various aspects of it for the information of the society around us and to create more awareness about the direction and shape our institution is taking.
  • To acquire adequate academic, technical and other support staff. Great care is taken to appoint maximally qualified and psychologically adequately oriented teachers thorugh rigorous interviews.
  • Modernization of laboratories and continuous enrichment of the library
  • To expose the students and staff to the recent developments in various disciplines by means of organizing seminars, symposia, workshops etc.
  • To inculcate a culture of sharing all available resources and facilities among users to ensure optimum utilization.

The objectives of the college are made well known to various stake-holders through –

  • College prospectus distributed at the time of students’ admission
  • Official website of the college
  • Personal interactions of teaching and non-teaching staff with the society
  • Parent-teacher meets organized by different departments from time to time
  • Specific departmental information on rules, regulations and activities distributed to students after admission in certain departments
  • Notices on different curricular and co-curricular activities of the college.

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