Admission for UG Courses 2022-2023


27.09.2022 Merit List for Hons. Courses[ List-16] (After Re-Registration) Click here
26.09.2022 Merit List for Hons. Courses[ List-15] & Genl. Courses [List-11] Click here
24.09.2022 Merit List Genl. courses List-10 Click here
23.09.2022 Merit List for Hons. Courses[ List-14] & Genl. Courses [List-9] Click here
22.09.2022 Newly admitted students carry admission Fees receipt Click here
22.09.2022 2nd Phase Document verification Click here
22.09.2022 Merit List for Hons. Courses[ List-13] Click here
21.09.2022 UG Admission: BA Genl. Course ( Re-registration) Click here
20.09.2022 Merit List for Hons. Courses[ List-12] & Genl. Courses [List-8] Click here
19.09.2022 Commencement of classes & Assembly for the newly admitted Sem-1 students Click here
16.09.2022 Merit List-11/ Waiting List-11 for Hons  Courses Click here
14.09.2022 Merit List-10/ Waiting List-10 for Hons  Courses Click here
13.09.2022 Admission cancelled List Click here
06.09.2022 Few vacant seats in Hons. Courses Click here
05.09.2022 Document verification for newly admitted students Click here
03.09.2022 Merit List-9/ Waiting List-9 for Hons  & Merit List-7/Waiting List-7 for Genl. Courses Click here
01.09.2022 Merit List-8/ Waiting List-8 for Hons  & Merit List-6/Waiting List-6 for Genl. Courses Click here
30.08.2022 Merit List-7/ Waiting List-7 Candidates Click here
26.08.2022 Merit List-6/ Waiting List-6 Candidates Click here
24.08.2022 Merit List-5/ Waiting List-5 Candidates Click here
22.08.2022 Merit List-4/ Waiting List-4 Candidates Click here
20.08.2022 Merit List-3/ Waiting List-3 Candidates Click here
18.08.2022 List for Sports Quota Click here
18.08.2022 Merit List-2/ Waiting List-2 Candidates Click here
12.08.2022 Merit List-1/ Waiting List-1 Candidates Click here
12.08.2022 Fees Structure Click here
08.08.2022 Notification for Christian Quota Click here
08.08.2022 List of Valid Application for admission [2022-2023] Click here
05.08.2022 Trail Date for Sports Category Click here
30.07.2022 e-Prospectus 2022-2023 Click here
11.07.2022 UG Admission Notification 2022-2023 Click here