Department of Education

About the Department

The Department Of Education started its journey in 2007.Initially it offered General course in the subject.However,after continuous efforts it opened its Honours course in 2018.The motto of the Department is holistic development.The Department has three dedicated teachers for nurturing the learners.

Courses Offered

  • University of Calcutta recommended three years B.A.General Course
  • University of Calcutta recommended three years B.A. Honours Course

Message of the Subject Teacher

Jayatri ChakrabortyI wish to develop the department qualitatively. I hope to introduce B.Ed course for students who wish to become teachers and serve the society. Above all, I wish to see students acquiring knowledge not for the sake of it ,but for expanding it.



Teaching Staff

  1. Dr.Jayatri Chakraborty (Head of the Department)
  2. Shabnam Ara Yesmin, M.A., SACT
  3. Dr. Dipankar Das, M.A., SACT

Departmental Email I.D