Department of Economics

About the Department

The Economics Department of the college is a U.G. teaching department. It started in 1913 with teaching facility extended to the undergraduate level with academic affiliation available from Calcutta University. A full-fledged department of Economics at the undergraduate (Hons.) level came into being in 1959. It has three undergraduate (Honours) years of students with 35 seats each year. The students are frequently made aware of the versatile possibilities of the subject by classroom discussion and interaction outside the classroom. Some of our ex-students are well placed in different organizations as well as actively involved in research in India and abroad.

Courses Offered

  • University of Calcutta recommended three years B.Sc.Honours Course
  • University of Calcutta recommended three years B.Sc./B.A General Course

Message of the H. O. D.

Dr. Dibyendu Banerjee The Department of Economics caters the students coming from both rural and urban background having different level of exposures to the subject and tries to blossom their inherent qualities. Towards this end, students are provided with the opportunities required to identify and develop their skills to help them flourish as complete human beings and take on the role of responsible and sensitive global citizens. The Department has competent and devoted faculty who always strive to actively motivate the students in achieving their dreams.



Teaching Staff

  1. Dr. Samik Ray
  2. Dr. Dibyendu Banerjee (Head of the Department)
  3. Dr. Sharmita Dhar.
  4. Dr. Aparna Banerjee.

Seminar Library

The department runs a Seminar Library, presently having a good number of books on the subject, for last five years. Students can borrow only one book at a time, following departmental Seminar Library rules. Two students of the department hold the responsibility of keeping the records of demand for books from all the students of the department & reading facilities. Students can take the reading facility of the books during the presence of the teacher/teachers of the department.


  • In spite of regular teaching activities, each teacher of the department undertakes review classes from time to time where the understanding of the students on the topic is assessed and necessary remedial actions are undertaken. Separate tutorial classes are arranged for weaker students to clarify matters in which they have a problem of understanding. Assignments are also given and checked regularly .We have a system of formal class tests whose score is recorded in order to check the trend of the performance of the students. Parent- Teacher meetings are held regularly in order to make parents aware of the overall performance of their ward & to exchange opinion regarding the possible ways to improve their performance in future. Department maintains regular leave records of the students. Students are to submit letter signed by their guardian in case of absence for two or more consecutive days. Students are encouraged to participate in field level surveys on topics of economic interest, national seminars organised by other academic institutions etc. Departmental seminars on current socio-economic issues are organised regularly.


  • Though the department does not have any departmental alumni association presently but plans to form the same in the days to come.

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