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It has been a long felt necessity to align higher education with the emerging needs of the economy and incorporate the requirements of various industries. The University Grants Commission (UGC) has launched a scheme on skills development based on higher education leading to Bachelor of Vocation (B.Voc.) Bachelor of Vocation (B.Voc.) is a full- fledged Degree program approved under NSQF framework and recognized by Universities all over India and abroad. With a B.Voc degree in a particular skill set, one can apply for specific skill based Visa rather than general work permit for foreign immigration. Closer home, it also means that B.Voc has all the privileges another degree holder (BA, B.Com, B.Sc., B.E. or MBBS) enjoys, like going for Post-Graduation, taking UPSC, Bank, Railways exam etc., where basic degree is a requirement.

Serampore College is offering skill oriented degree programme, the Bachelor of Vocation Degree programme (3 Year Bachelor Degree programme with multiple entry and exit options) for HS, ITI and Diploma Holders. The Programme is offered in full time route every year in month of August / September. The admission is open for September 2020-21 batch (1st Semester).

The B.Voc course focuses 60% on skill development and 40% on theoretical knowledge to help the student to acquire all the skills required for the domain and prepare them for the job market or entrepreneurial role. The course curriculum is so structured that students will able to get a job opportunity at the end of each year.


  • A Unique Degree Programme that will have equal focus on Higher Education and Skill development.
  • The Programme has multiple entry and multiple exit opportunities.
  • The programme is credit based and covers general education and vocational skills. In addition, emphasis is given for computer applications, employable skills and entrepreneurial skills.
  • More than 70% of course time is spent in specialized laboratories and partner industries, thereby making the graduate totally job ready.
  • Theory teaching is done using physical and virtual models for easy understanding.
  • Collaboration with industry for further training, internship and job placements.
  • Real-time practical applications are given to students, to sharpen their practical skills in the desired applications. They get well trained with good skills, expertise, and practical knowledge concerning taken up courses.
  • After successful completion of B.Voc degree, the candidates can take up Post Graduation programmes like M.Voc (Master of Vocation) or MBA degree programme in the country.


  • HS passed or equivalent in any stream (Arts / Commerce / Science) from Academic/ Vocational / Open schooling stream of any recognized colleges or Universities
  • Pass in 3 years Diploma in Engineering / Technology / Hotel Management
  • Any other qualification considered equivalent to 10 +2 by Govt. of India (No age bar)
  • A candidate with a higher qualification is also eligible.


Awards Durations Corresponding NSQF Level
Diploma 1 year NSQF 5
Advanced Diploma 2 years NSQF 6
B.Voc. Degree 3 years NSQF 7


Module delivery includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  1. Face to Face Lectures using Audio-Visuals
  2. Demonstrations
  3. Laboratory/Field work/Workshop
  4. Industry Visit
  5. Group Exercises
  6. Project Exhibitions
  7. Technical Festivals


Modules are delivered as per the time table announced in the beginning of the course.


A student is required to have a minimum attendance of 75% both in theory and practical to write final examination.


The provision  relating  to  discipline  and  code  of  conduct  that  applies  to  every  member  of  the college is as described in college prospectus.


50 Seats for each course


After completing each level like Diploma, Advanced Diploma and B.Voc Degree, the hands on experience and general education knowledge in the domain will help the student get the relevant job opportunity easily in Industry.

Fee Details

Application fee –Nil

Semester Fee –

Department of Tourism & Hotel Management -Rs. 20,000/- (All inclusive)

Department of Retail Management- Rs. 15,000/- (All inclusive)


Dr. Sribas Goswami
Nodal Officer
Address- Serampore College
9, William Carey Road, Serampore, Hooghly, West Bengal, 712201