Department of English

About the Department

English Department first started functioning in the year 1818 and emerged as a full fledged Honours teaching department in 1913. This department is noted for the high quality of education imparted to the students. Academic excellence of the students in various University examinations is a testimony to this. This department is also noted for the fact that in the last five years it has achieved an almost 100% success rate in all University examinations.

Courses Offered

  • University of Calcutta recommended three years B.A. Honours Course
  • University of Calcutta recommended three years B.A. General Course

Message of the H. O. D.

Anirban GuhathakurtaThe Department of English, Serampore College with the Bengal Renaissance as its background has contributed significantly in the field of English Studies both in India and abroad. Therefore, the students of the department must be aware of the legacy they are entrusted with and try to do justice to the proud heritage of the department



Teaching Staff

  1. Mr. Nilanjan Chottopadhyay.
  2. Dr. Swati Datta
  3. Dr. Biswaranjan Chattapadhyay
  4. Dr. Anirban Guha Thakurta. (Head of the Department)

Seminar Library

The seminar library of the department is well stocked with around 500 books on various areas of English literature.


  • Students Group Seminars
  • Farewell ceremony of out-going third year students.
  • Wall magazine.
  • Students Picnic.
  • Workshop.
  • Seminar.
  • Teachers Seminar.
  • Teachers-Students Meeting
  • Parent-Teachers Meeting
  • Student Counselling

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