Department of Physics

About the Department

The Department of Physics (Estd.  1920) started out its journey to teach undergraduate physics in 1950. In its early days, Prof. R. R. Ganguly, Professor  Emeritus, had taken the main responsibilities. Later on, the teaching faculty was glorified with the eminent scientists like Prof. K. C. Kar, D.Sc., Prof. M. S. Sinha, D.Sc. and Prof. M .M. Ghosh, D.Sc. by their teaching and helping for research works. The University of Calcutta approved this department for teaching Physics Honours in 1956. After that the department ensuably flourished by imparting teaching to students. This can be visualized from the results of university examination year after year.

Prof. K. L. Bhattacharyya, a faculty member of this department, set up indigenously a research laboratory and wrote many text books for physics honours students. Prof. S. B. Bhattacharyya, another faculty member, donated his life long collection of books to the departmental seminar library. Prof. B. K. Ghosh, former faculty of this department and Member of Parliament, helped the department to erect entire second floor of this department from his M.P. fund for local area development. Mr. Sunil Kr. Chattopadhyay, a world famous person on life and activities of Dr. William Carey, one of the founders of this college, was also our staff member. He wrote many books on Dr. William Carey and his Serampore Mission. There are also many historic events related to this department. Out of these we must mention the visit of Prof. Niels Bohr, Nobel Laureate, astronaut Edwin Aldrin, Prof. S. N. Bose, FRS and Prof. A. K. Sen, FRS to this department.

Courses Offered

  • University of Calcutta recommended three years B.Sc.Honours Course
  • University of Calcutta recommended three years B.Sc. General Course

Message of the H. O. D.

Debasish GhoshI think that no one can continue his/her job without any help of others. Behind success of any person there must be full or partial devotion of others. But in todays life, I think there is a lack of unanimous decision making and due to this problem each and every one should do hard work to cross the hurdle. In spite of all such type of problem, I am a lucky person to work together with our Department of Physics along with all our departmental staff. Getting the co-operation from all, it is important to say that each and every one tries at their best level to do any job for the benefit of student and department. I want to convey my congratulation to all present/retired staff. I hope our progress of good work will never stop


Teaching Staff

  1. Dr. Gauranga Sinhamahapatra
  2. Dr. Prosenjit Sarkar.
  3. Dr. Sankha Das,
  4. Dr. Anirban Bose
  5. Dr. Dipankar Ghosh
  6. Dr. Kausik Pal
  7. Mr. Debasish Ghosh (Head of the Department)

Support Staff

  1. Mr. Pranab Pal
  2. Mr. Tapas Goswami
  3. Mr. Arijit Roy
  4. Mr. Durgesh Hari
  5. Mr. Partha Mitra (Casual)

The department maintained a seminar library which is upgraded with addition of recent and relevant titles in the subject. We are very grateful to our former teacher Prof. S. B. Bhattacharyya, who donated his life – long collection of books to the departmental seminar library. Suggestions of the students in selecting the titles are given utmost priority. The number of books in the library is increased sufficiently every year.

Departmental Activities

  • The department frequently organizes academic seminar lectures on present scenario and latest trends and development in theoretical and experimental fields of physics. The invited speakers are noted expert in their respective areas. Reunion with the previous students is also conducted occasionally. Departmental tours, picnic, etc. are also arranged almost regularly with the present students.


The Department of Physics, Serampore College, has a very healthy alumni association. The members of this association are retired teachers, staff, previous honours students, existing teachers, staff and students. The department has organized already five-reunion programmes of this association. We are proud to mention that many of our students, placed in different occupation, nationally and internationally, have reunited to feel the pulse of their days in this college. We are trying to organize re-union programme regularly in convenient times. The main aim of this programme is to exchange views by mutual interactions and to collect opinions on how to run department with more and more successful way.

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