Teaching Staff

Department of Zoology

Dr. Chiranjeeb Dey

Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification Ph. D.
Contact (033) 2680 5506
9830599315 (M)
E-mail id chiranjeebd.zoo@seramporecollege.org

Area of Specialisation :

Parasitology and Immunobiology

Research Interest :

  1. Parasitology and Immunology: Parasites  biochemistry, immunology, ecology, tegumental transport biology; Ultrastructure (SEM and TEM) of helminth parasites; Host-parasite interaction; Insect-plant interaction; Biodiversity;
  2. Molecular and biophysical aspect of substrate recognition phenomena by truncated glutamyl tRNA synthetase in E.coli.

Selected Publications :

  1. Ghosh, D., Dey, C., and Misra, K. K. 2005. Host “ parasite relationship: Fatty acid compositions of trematode, Paramphistomum cervi and common Indian goat, Capra hircus. Journal of Parasitic Diseases, 29(2): 119-123.
  2. Banerjee, D., Mitra, B., Roy, S., and Dey, C. 2006. Beeflies(Diptera: Bombyliidae) of Western Ghats. Bionotes, 8(2): 44-45.
  3. Dey, C. and Misra, K. K. 2009. Ultrastructural studies of internuncial processes in the tegument of a cyclophyllid cestode Raillietina (Fuhrmannetta) echinobothrida, a parasite of country fowl Gallus domesticus. Proc. zool. Soc., Kolkata, 62(1): 29-37.
  4. Dasgupta, S., Saha, R., Dey, C., Banerjee, R., Roy, S., and Basu, G. 2009. The role of the catalytic domain of E. coli GluRS in tRNAGln discrimination. FEBS Letters, 583: 2114-2120.
  5. Dey, S. and Dey, C. 2009. Ecological notes on flower thrips of Mimusops elengi. Bionotes, 11(2): 64.